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Scan Studio helps you scan, sign, edit & share your PDF documents in a single flow so you can get your paperwork done faster and efficiently.

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    Scan Studio

    Why Scan Studio?

    You know how scanning and getting paperwork done is difficult on a mobile phone?

    Do you care about getting paperwork done so that you can focus on more important things such as closing deals or finishing a project?

    Are you looking to:

    - Sign contracts and agreements and share them across email, WhatsApp, or other channels?
    - Quickly scan, process and sign sales orders and share with your team?
    - Store and quickly access your documents digitally for both personal and professional work?
    - Declutter your paperwork and reduce the need for paper?
    - Be more productive and save time by signing documents with a simple tap?

    🖨 Don't have access to a document scanner?

    This is where Scan Studio really shines. Using the power of your iPhone you can quickly create beautiful scans of your documents and export them as PDF or JPG files.

    🏠 Working from Home?

    No problem, Scan Studio has you covered so you can handle your paperwork with ease. As well as scanning documents, use built in features such as signing documents to sign any PDF.

    Scan Studio can help you with scanning & signing...

    ✅ Client Contracts
    ✅ Letting Agreements
    ✅ Sales Invoices
    ✅ Client Documents
    ✅ Taxes
    ✅ Technical Specifications
    ✅ Maintenance Logs
    ✅ Bills
    ✅ Legal Agreements
    ✅ Receipts
    ✅ Purchase Orders
    ✅ Financial Documents
    ✅ Book Pages & Booklets
    ✅ Newspaper Articles
    ✅ Homework & Class Notes
    ✅ ID Cards
    ✅ Passport Pages
    ✅ Driving License
    ✅ Multi or Single Page Documents
    ✅ And much more...

    Scan your documents with Scan Studio and have them automatically & safely backed up and archived in your iCloud folder.